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  KC2KTC   Bauer, Mike   General
  KC2KSW   Bauer, Robin   General
  KD2CTX   Graber, Mike   Technician
  N2WLH   Jackson, Steve   Extra
  NE2RD   Kozakiewicz, Raymond   Extra
  WA2CWX   Larkins, Michael   Extra
  W2PTZ   Lee, Carl   Extra
  WA2IQE   LeFevre, Carl   General
  WA2VLR   Loscalzo, Larry   Extra
  KA2DHE   Pennell, Jeffrey   Novice
  Pending   Pennell, Vickie   Pending
  KD2NDY   Perry, John    General
  KD2ULM   Pillion, Kieran    Technician
  KE2AFU   Pleis, Jim    Technician
  KC2TZC   Poray, Doug    Extra
  K2QDY   Puccio, Larry   Extra
  W2QO   Punderson, Jamie   Extra
  KQ4WR   Roberts, John   Extra
  Pending   Roeland, Samuel   Pending
  KB2PD   Stafiej, Stan   Extra
  KD2VMR   Tammaro, Tom   General
  W2FA   Wagner, Kevin   Extra
  KA2WPL   Wilson, Bob   General

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