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Good day to all our fellow club members. My name is Steve - N2WLH and Iíve been dabbling in amateur radio for a little while now and a member of the Holiday City Amateur Radio Club for just under a year. Being a webmaster of this website it allows me to bend your ear so to speak and voice my opinion on many subjects. When you build the website you have that latitude to a point. Let me say up front that this is your website and we are always looking for your articles to be placed on this site. Kevin - W2FA accepted the responsibility as webmaster from the club but lately his regular job has kept him very busy so I asked if I could help and he graciously accepted. During the last club meeting Kevin asked for your input for the website and has received a couple replies. I think we have covered most of the requests that we have received so far but we need more input from the membership to keep this website alive.


Iíve always been fascinated in electronics though never having a formal background in it; my talents have always been limited to the electronics world as just that, a hobby. During a past club meeting I was very happy to see that there are others in our club that construct there own test gear and have similar interests in electronic construction projects that I have. Let me say up front that I havenít built many projects from scratch but I have built several kits when Heathkit was still alive and I miss them as so many others in our hobby do. They were a great way for the novice to get there feet wet in a hands-on approach to electronic project construction.


From time to time Iíll be adding links that I feel may be of some help to you in the hobby. If any of you want to have a link added please email me or Kevin and we will see about adding it to the website. Come to think of it, hereís a link to a very nice free utility called Electronics Assistant that will help you identifying some of your electronic parts for your future projects. You can find it at the following location. http://www.electronics2000.co.uk/assist/assist.exe This program can be down loaded to your computer, installed and ready for use on your next project. It comes in handy when you have questions about resistor or capacitor color codes. This program comes from a well laid out website in the UK that also has a nice basic electronics tutorial to help you get started. You can find the home page at http://www.electronics2000.co.uk .


I hope the website prospers and is visited by all the members. I look forward to seeing your articles in print in the future.



Steve N2WLH