Holiday City ARC

2011 Field Day

W2HC   3A   SNJ


Our 2011 ARRL Field Day event was held at Toms River Park. This year we set up three operating stations; two of which were provided by Larry K2QDY. In addition to using Larry's antennas, this year Kevin W2FA and I N2WLH set up an inverted "L" antenna which was tuned using an Icom AH-2 tuner that worked very well. We had rain threatening us all day but we were lucky this year and it stayed away. It was hot and sunny most day with clouds moving in the afternoon so the water was disappearing fast. I want to thank each and every one for a nice event and especially John Roberts KQ4WR for submitting the event photos this year. Anyone wishing to add photos to this page please submit them to me in there original size and I'll add them to this page.