Over the past 10 or so years Iíve been using a Collins 30L-1 amplifier however itís all original and has never had any of the capacitors replaced. This amplifier has always performed well for me with its advertised output of 600-650 watts. Always trying for that rare DX station buried in the pileup, I could have always used more power.

I recently acquired an Ameritron AL-572 amplifier to replace the 30L-1. The AL-572 is advertised to provide 1000 watts CW with 75 watts drive and 1300 PEP watts with a maximum of 110 watts PEP. Iíve found that my amplifier will provide 1200 watts with a CW drive of 75 watts. It does this using four 572B tubes. Iíve found this amplifier to be very quiet in its operation and after learning a different technique (from the Collins) in tuning it up I found it easy to use.

It comes pre-wired from the factory for 120VAC but can be wired for 240VAC with the change of two jumpers if needed. In my case I just recently had my electrical service upgraded so during that change I had a 20A, 240V outlet installed in my shack. At 120VAC the manufacturer says the amplifier draws 16 amps in CW use and 8 amps at 1300 watts PEP in sideband operation. When the amplifier is in standby it draws 2 amps.


73, Steve N2WLH