One evening while setting in my radio shack, I was searching the Internet for radio related construction projects I could build. I came across an article based on the popular ATU-100 designed by N7DDC and thought this would be a perfect project tuner to place at the base of my 42 foot vertical antenna. The tuner can handle 100 watts of power and by default it is completely automatic in either  SSB or CW mode transmissions. The design is open source so as allot of projects now days are, it has been picked up by several Chinese companies and is provided completely bult or in kit form. Just what I was looking for. This small ATU tunes very well on a G5RV antenna or on my vertical. Below are a few photos of my progress in this project.

Steve N2WLH





























The first kit I received along with the instructions.. In the German language !!!





























Kit as built for testing.





























Finished kit in case.





























The finished project.